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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

“Bob Marley”



Album Info:


1- Tambo Tambo

2- A Bailar Salsa Por Su Salud

3- Vuela

4- Rumba Rumbero

5- Guaguancó Angelina

6- Capitan De Mi Barco

7- El Progreso

8- Fiesta En El Barrio

9- Tempestad

10- Mi Bandera

11- Sempre Libera




Everything You Need

Is music and we have it


who am I

Jorge Orta was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on June 12, 1963.  He studied music at the Young Musicians Orchestra School in Venezuela.  His musical career began at a very young age participating in musical performances around Caracas’s suburbs.  His professional debut was with the Calaben Band and he continued to play with other local bands such as Maderita, Los Gaitétricos, Tradicionales, Grupo Madera, Orquesta Anagó, Los Satélites, Orquesta Fa Menor, La Playa, as well as various merengue bands such as La Familia, El Escuadrón and Roberto Antonio, where he also played Güira and the Dominican Tambora.

Jorge went on to join other bands such as Silva y GuerraManuel Guerra and other musical Venezuelan groups.  In September of 1995 he traveled to Colombia where he joined the Bronco Band and later Yuri Buenaventura, La Suprema Corte and Sandunga bands, with whom he traveled to United States.  Once in the USA he joined various bands such as Volcán, Oro y Plata, Mango Punch, and Grupo Kaché.  After staying in the USA for a while he traveled back to Colombia to join the internationally acclaimed “Grupo Niche”of Maestro Jairo Varela with whom he toured Europe , Latin America, and the USA. (more…)


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